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Live-in staff is the primary source of information about the daily happenings of individuals they serve. A live-in must be aware of all upcoming medical appointments and know each individual's Person-Centered Plan. They will communicate with Administrators to ensure the highest quality of care is provided to the people they are serving.

The live-in staff member will arrive at work as scheduled and fulfill the duties of a Direct Support Professional until they leave. Live-in staff members are expected to stay overnight for periods of 2-7 nights in 14 days. A live-in is expected to work seven out of 14 days.

These days are often staggered (e.g., three days on, three days off). There are other schedules, but they almost always require seven working days out of 14. This position is entitled to benefits.

We require all staff to receive DSP Certification, Residential Medication Aide Certification, First Aid/CPR Certification, and Safety Care Training. We provide all required training. It is expected that you attend classes as scheduled for them.

The direct support professional's responsibilities are to provide support and skill-building activities to people with severe, prolonged mental illnesses and intellectual disabilities, treating all Consumers in their care with dignity and respect. Teaching independent living skills per treatment plan includes, but is not limited to:

  • Adult Living Skills - Personal hygiene, housekeeping, meal preparation, and budgeting.
  • Social Integration Skills - Communications, conflict resolution, and social interaction.
  • Community Integration Skills - Resource identification and utilization.

Direct support professionals (DSPs) objectively document on appropriate forms:
  • Incidents and accidents.
  • Daily progress toward goals.
  • Medication monitoring.
  • Changes in consumers' health status and behavior patterns.
  • Referrals, as appropriate.

Also, DSPs perform the following tasks:
  • Assist with personal care, including bathing, dressing, and feeding.
  • Administer medication per guidelines following training.
  • Develop and encourage consumers' integration into the community.
  • Transport consumers to community locations including, but not limited to, banks, libraries, physicians' offices, stores, and churches, as appropriate.
  • Provide supportive problem-solving activities.
  • Developing and maintaining support as necessary.
  • Use active listening techniques to provide emotional support conducive to consumers' growth and wellbeing.
  • Identify consumers' needs and develop a treatment plan with the administrator to address them.
  • Attend staff meetings, supervision, and in-service training as scheduled.
  • Perform other related duties as required.
  • Utilize QBS Safety Care techniques to maintain safety for individuals served.

Job Type: Live-in

Required Education: High School or Equivalent

Required License or Certification: Driver's License